north korea and how things got this way

This week’s “New Yorker” has a fantastic article by Hendrik Hertzberg on the current situation we find ourselves in with North Korea. Fortunately, it’s on-line and you can read it. You really should read it too. It’s one of the better pieces on the subject that I’ve read thus far and it does a nice job of tying the current events to Bush’s infamous “axis of evil” rhetoric. Here’s a short clip:

As a rhetorical flourish, the axis of evil soared like an eagle. But in retrospect it more closely resembles a turkey, and the inclusion of North Korea, in particular, has begun to look uncannily like a chicken that in recent days has come home to roost. This is of a piece with the whole of the Bush Administration’s Korea policy, which, from the beginning, has been a fairly comprehensive botch.

You can check it out by clicking here.

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