mysterious barbie jacket

Weird things always show up in and around our yard. This certainly isn’t the most odd or the most dangerous (not even close on either count), but it’s puzzling. Our friend Monica found it this morning as she approached our front door. It’s a silver, vinyl doll jacket. It looks like the kind of thing that Michael Jackson would have favored during his heyday… This may be the first real evidence of Ypsilanti’s fabled doll-sized hooker.

america’s funneyman
Among the best Christmas gifts I received this year was this painting by New York artist Steve Keene. It was a gift from my friend Matt. He saw it at the WFMU record fair and knew that I would like it as I’m a fan of both Steve Keene, who, believing that art is for everyone, sells his production line pieces for as little as four or five dollars, and the comedian Neil Hamburger, who I know and have interviewed before in Crimewave. The piece is wonderful and now hangs in my office. (Thanks, Matt.)

wasting time without tivo
Apparently, I do not need Tivo in order to waste time. I just sat on my fat ass for the last three hours watching back-to-back episodes of the Bravo network reality series “The IT Factor.” I found it to be surprisingly good and compelling, and can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of it before this afternoon. Basically, the producers of the show have camera crews follow around twelve aspiring, young actors and actresses as they try to make it in their profession (not an easy task in New York, where they estimate that of 100,000 actors only 2% make a living at it). The next season apparently begins tomorrow night. This time they’re going to follow eight actors and actresses in Los Angeles… I am going to pray for Tivo tonight before go to sleep. With any luck, it’ll be up and running by tomorrow evening… It’s nice to have a reality series where everyone’s not either sucking cock or eating engorged leaches.

Linette thinks that I suck. I know that she does. I can hear her in the other room cooking while I’m here writing down my stupid thoughts for people I don’t know. I’d better go help now… Any longer and I’d cross the line.

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