mark’s friend the pornographer

Chip Rowe is a writer. He used to put out a zine called “Chip’s Closet Cleaner.” I don’t think he does it anymore, but he might. (If he does, he doesn’t send it to me for free anymore.) That’s how we met, through our magazines. He’d seen mine or I’d seen his and we began trading. After a few years of that, he published a book called “The Book of Zines.” I had a piece in it and made something like $50. It was the first time I’d ever been paid for my writing. I’ve never met Chip in person, but I’ve always liked him for including me… even though it was only $50.

So, I got a note from Chip today and I decided to stop by his site and see what he was up to.

Oh, I forgot to mention it, but Chip’s also the Playboy Advisor. Yup, he’s the guy that answers the letters to “Playboy” about things like lubricants and stereo components.

Well, I thought you might like to read a few of his articles. This first one is on privacy, and what you can do to protect yours. It’s from “Chip’s Closet Cleaner” #13, so it’s a little old, but the information is still looks good to me. To read that article, click here. The second article is a little more fun. It first appeared in “Playboy” and it’s about a Swingers Convention that he was hired to speak at. To read that story, just click here.

…And the next time you feel like bad-mouthing pornography and pornographers, remember, it’s pornography that puts food on this man’s table. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that it’s not so easy to criticize when I can personalize. Anyway, I hope that you walk away from this posting with a more open mind toward pornography and the good people that play a part in churning it out… If you’re anything like me, from now on, every time you see a beaver shot, you’ll think of Chip Rowe, his family, and the good people that work behind the scenes of the adult entertainment industry.

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