heavy man sees magazine on shelf, writes about it

Jeff just posted this on his site. I’m reprinting it here because it says I’m 1) audacious and 2) like the Ramones.

I was in Borders on Saturday and I saw the new issue of Crimewave USA on their shelves. Maybe I’m just a hillbilly, but that still amazes me. Mark and Linette type up a bunch of articles at their house, get some of their friends to type up a few more, tie it all together and make it look nice — and it’s right there at the Scranton Borders store, alongside Newsweek and Rolling Stone. It’s really exciting, if you stop and think about it. It’s born of the same DIY attitude that made The Ramones possible in a world populated by ELOs and ELPs. Of course, it requires a special attitude to pull it off. It helps if you have the audacity to, say, write your autobiography at 26, and call it something along the lines of “It Takes Balls To Be Mark Maynard.” A willingness to gamble with your dignity never hurts in any situation.

It is cool to go into Borders and see “Crimewave.” It’s like hearing a song you wrote being played on the radio.

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