best mail day in 2003

Today was a great mail day, absolutely fantastic. These are the kinds of days I live for… Mr. Skinner mailed in a Whitney Houston video tape he just found in New York City. Our friend, Chip “The Playboy Advisor” Rowe, sent in a copy of the new issue of “Playboy.” And, on top of that, I just received the following e-mail.

…But I stumbled onto your Web site earlier today and found it wacky in the most ingratiating way. I’d gone there to see if I could verify that Patrick McGoohan had OCD, and the words I typed into Google matched — uselessly, as it turned out. But I found your site so damned entertaining, I figured you might like to know that some other obsessive-compulsive writer thought highly of your work.

Isn’t that a great letter?

Nothing makes me happier than having other Obsessive Compulsive readers. (They’re great because the have to check the site repeatedly and that’s gives me high webstats numbers.) I now know of two readers with OCD. Are there any more of you out there?

As for the mention of Patrick McGoohan having OCD, this is the first I’ve ever heard of it. If you know anything about it, please let me know. It would make me very happy to know that he and I share the same mental illness. (Speaking of Patrick McGoohan, my wife got me great Christmas presents this year. She got me four movies from William Powell and Myran Loy’s “Thin Man” series, and she compled my DVD collection of Patrick McGoohan’s series “The Prisoner.” No one has a better wife.)

I coluld write for hours and hours about all of this stuff (“Playboy” and Whitney included), but it’ll have to wait. Linette will be home at any minute with guests and I need to slip into something a bit less revealing.

We’re going out tonight to see what I’m sure will be terrible, and loud, bands. Having been in a few of those myself, I know I’ll just find myself sitting there, drinking and being envious. (Attention former bandmates of Mark Maynard: take your phones off the hook. If history is any guide, he will, after getting drunk, try to contact one, if not all, of you.)

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