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Daniel Johnston has a new album coming out. I just got a note from his former manager, and present art dealer, Jeff Tartakov, letting me know. It’s called “Fear Yourself.” And it will be on Gammon Records. Should be in the stores on February 25, unless it gets held up for years like the last one did when the label releasing it went belly-up. From what I’m told, it’s to include “several beautiful piano songs.” According to Jeff, there’s no information about it at the Gammon website, but there’s a marketing kind of write-up thing here.

If you’re a Daniel Johnston fan, check out Jeff Tartakov’s site by
clicking here. He’s got lots of great Daniel Johnston artwork for sale and stuff.

This is an old photo of Daniel that I just borrowed off of Jeff’s site. I thought that it was cool… Daniel doesn’t look like this any more.

Speaking of Daniel, I interviewed him in Crimewave USA issue #13. If you want to order one, let me know… Speaking of which, I’ve almost got the Paypal thing worked out. Soon you’ll be able to buy back issues and subscriptions though this site.

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