another day wasted sniffing glue

I piddled away another day yesterday. Instead of working on this site, or editing any video footage, or even working on my children’s book, “Mutiny at Bedtime,” I sat on the floor with the dog and super-glued the broken pieces of ceramic that I’ve been collecting and hauling across the U.S. over the past ten years.

Here’s what I think is a really great image of my armless Big Boy before he went into SuperGlue surgery. Linette and I found this about four years ago in Los Angeles. We found it in an apartment that we had on what was once a Paramount Studios back lot. It was in the back of a kitchen cabinet. We took it as a good omen, and then promptly dropped it and snapped the heart-shaped, burger-holding arm off.

The apartment was within walking distance of the first Big Boy restaurant in LA. Linette and I and Jeff Kay ate there a few times and once even sat in the “Beatles booth.” That’s a big booth at the back where the Beatles once ate in the mid-60’s.

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