I was leafing through the book at a shop in NYC and turned to the interview – the first thing I noticed was that the picture accompanying it was most certainly not Charlie Kaufman. I think. And then I read it – I’ve read a handful of interviews with him before and right away could tell that this was not him. Every other line is “f*** this” or “that motherf***er” and he’s talking very bluntly about his inspirations in a way that seemed really, really odd. And then it goes into his relationship with Mercedes Ruehl…and at the point where he was talking about how he’d been listening to a lot of Bonnie Raitt when he wrote it and that Bonnie Raitt was a big inspiration to him and it made perfect sense to have all of the characters start singing a Bonnie Raitt song, it dawned on me that I was holding in my hands a note-for-note parody of an interview that Paul Thomas Anderson had given for the back of the Magnolia screenplay book, published by the same company. It’s absolutely hysterical and brilliant, not to mention the fact that it makes Anderson look like a self-absorbed imbecile. Without the end part where Kaufman goes into why it makes perfect sense to end the film with frogs falling from the sky, I can’t imagine more than a few people would “get it” at all. Pretty brilliant stuff.

I thought that this was interesting. I came across it on that Charlie Kaufman web page I linked to earlier. Apparently a few folks were debating the possible meaning of the odd interview with Charlie Kaufman that ran at the end of the published film script for his movie “Human Nature,” when someone offered this explanation.

I love that. I really do.

Goodnight everyone.

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