the new serial killer is a prick

OK, all serial killers are bad. I know that. But this new one, this “one shot through the head” guy in Maryland, he’s a total fucking prick. Every day he’s out there killing people who are working shitty jobs or doing chores. So far, he’s killed a guy pumping gas into his beat-up, old taxi cab, he’s killed a guy mowing the grass in front of an auto dealership, and he’s killed a woman vacuuming out her ’95 Saturn. And then yesterday he goes and shoots a kid going to school.

Why not shoot somebody buying a new car instead of the guy out in front of the show room sweating his balls off behind the mower? Why not someone dropping off their Lincoln Navigator to be detailed instead of a women sucking half-eaten gummy bears off the floorboard of her old Saturn?

I’m not trying to defend the Son of Sam, but I like the idea of getting shot while making love in a car a hell of a lot better than I like the idea of getting shot on my way to math class.

Maybe that’s his thing though. Maybe he sees these as mercy killings. I could go on and on about this, but I’m tired and I need to go to bed. I have a meeting at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning that requires I be awake and in a suit. This is no time for me to blogsterbate into the wee hours of the night.

Good night, my nameless friends from around the globe.

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