This morning, like everymorning, after getting up, taking a shower, and getting dressed, I cleaned my glasses on the left top corner of the sheet we have on our bed. I’ve never considered this to be one of my compulsions – it’s certainly not one of the more upsetting ones – but I do it every morning, so I guess it qualifies. At any rate, when I did it this morning, I heard a “snap” make its way up to my ear from the palm of my hand. The glasses had broken into pieces.

Can I tell you the rest of the story tomorrow? Would that be OK?

I have to work a little on planning our itinerary for Italy. We leave on Wednesday afternoon and there’s still a lot that needs to be done.

Shit, I also need to tell you about the bill I received from Avis for the van I dented. It’s about six hundred bucks.

Goodnight my children.

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