It’s Linette. While Mark is having panic attacks on top of the Duomo, I am experiencing something strange. Maybe it’s vertigo? I feel as if everything is perpetually moving, as everything is in the back of a giant RV or train.In Venice I thought it was the water, being surrounded by sloshing- everything there is moving, or rotting (and maybe I am so perceptive that I can feel that?) I think now thyat it’s my brand new contact lenses. I am between perscriptions (between very very nearsighted and very nearsighted) and they don’t actually make my actual perscription, so I have to be able to not see well, or to see far too well. At first I thought less would be better, until I thought about the amazing things I would see- not very well. I opted to see too well and I feel like Jamie Somers. But everything is undulating.

I loved Venice lots. It’s terrible for my allergies (yes I can’t breathe, OR see) but the aesthetics of decay and dampness make me happy. I love that tiramisu is from there- that makes so much sense, a dessert that is soggy like the rest of Venice. Deliciously, pleasantly soggy. In Venice, I ate something exciting: cuttlefish in inky black sauce with polenta. It was startling, a big heap of black stuff between two slabs of polenta. The black ink covered everything, and I couldn’t really see what I was eating. It stained my napkin and teeth. It tasted look but looked alarming.

We are running out of time here, I will be saying ciao for now. LL

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